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Protecting rights since 1934

Liberty is an independent membership organisation. We challenge injustice, defend freedom and campaign to make sure everyone in the UK is treated fairly.

We are campaigners, lawyers and policy experts who work together to protect rights and hold the powerful to account. We empower others to defend their own rights and the rights of their family, friends and communities.

Together we’ve been making the UK a fairer, more equal place since 1934.

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Resist Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a dangerously intrusive and discriminatory technology that destroys our privacy rights and forces people to change their behaviour. it has no place on the streets of a free, rights-respecting democracy. Help us stop it.
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Stand Against Criminalising Poverty

National and local government should be supporting those in need, not criminalising homelessness in a misguided attempt to airbrush the streets. The Vagrancy Act and Public Spaces Protection Orders must be scrapped.
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Challenge Hostile Environment Data-sharing

Home Office immigration enforcement can now access personal details collected by public services – leaving people too scared to send their children to school, seek urgent medical help or report crimes.
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Oppose Indefinite Detention

Immigration detention centre fence and barbed wire with blue sky beyond
The UK is the only country in Europe that locks people up with no limit on how long they can be held. Join our call for a 28-day limit on immigration detention.
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Police are using an expanding array of surveillance tools to monitor us as we go about our lives – but are providing the public with next to no information about them. Demand your police and crime commissioner reveal what tech is in use in your community and ensure your rights are being protected.
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Reject Mass Surveillance

Someone using their smart phone
The UK’s Investigatory Powers Act is the most intrusive surveillance law ever introduced in a democratic country. We’re challenging it in court – and we need your help.
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Defend Soldiers’ Rights

Soldiers marching
Serious failings in the military justice system are letting down our servicemen and women. Help us make sure soldiers get the protection they deserve.
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Your rights

have the right to life

What this means

The Government must protect our lives – and investigate properly if someone dies in suspicious circumstances.

must not be tortured

What this means

Nobody should ever be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way – no matter what the situation.

must never be enslaved

What this means

We must never be treated like slaves or made to work against our will – and authorities must always fully investigate suspected slavery.

have the right to liberty

What this means

We all have the right to freedom. It can only be taken away in certain circumstances – and there must be strong legal safeguards to protect us if we’re detained.

have the right to a fair trial

What this means

We are innocent until proven guilty. If we’re accused of a crime, we have the right to hear evidence against us before a judge in a public court.

must not be punished without law

What this means

We can’t be found guilty of a crime if it wasn’t against the law when it was committed – and the Government must make clear which actions are crimes.

have the right to respect for my private and family life

What this means

Nobody should be able to secretly watch what we’re doing without good reason – and we have the right to enjoy a family life in the way we choose.

have the right to freedom of thought

What this means

We all have the right to our own religion or beliefs and to practice these without discrimination – and we have the right to have no religion too.

can express myself freely

What this means

We have the right to express ourselves freely and hold our own opinions – even if our views are unpopular or could upset or offend others.

have the right to protest

What this means

We have the right to come together with others and peacefully express our views. Authorities must allow us to take part in marches, protests and demonstrations.

can marry who I choose

What this means

As long as we’re legally old enough, we have the right to marry whoever we want and raise a family.

must not be discriminated against

What this means

We shouldn’t be treated unfairly or differently – or denied our rights – because of our gender, age, race, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or anything else.

have the right to respect for my property

What this means

The things we own belong to us – and we have the right to enjoy them if we’re not bothering anyone else.

have the right to education

What this means

All children and young people have the right to an education – and the Government must do everything it can to help them have one.

have the right to vote

What this means

We all have the right to vote for our own government and choose who we vote for in regular fair and free elections.


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